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Avez-vous un livre en vous?

If you know that God has called you to write a book, or if you have a book already written and need it published, or if you steward legacy titles for continued publication, Manifest International Publications might be the publisher you've been praying for. 

Services de publication

Nous cherchons à publier des auteurs partageant les mêmes idées afin que la parole et l'enseignement de Dieu soient diffusés dans le monde entier. Nous examinons actuellement les manuscrits pour publication sur une base de référence uniquement.Nous examinons les manuscrits pour leur contenu AVANT de conclure un accord d'édition avec les auteurs. Bien que nous ne ressentions pas le besoin de nous entendre sur chaque point, nous visons à publier des documents qui sont alignés sur nos valeurs fondamentales et qui sont écrits par des auteurs qui sont motivés pour le Royaume et la gloire de Dieu.

Nous pouvons vous accompagner à travers:

  • Examen des manuscrits

  • Édition

  • Mise en page

  • Présentation de couverture

  • Publication

  • Liste avec Amazon et Ingram avec accès à tous les principaux distributeurs de livres

  • Droits d'auteur


Services de publication

Below is a general outline of the stages of the publication process. Depending on the quality and completeness of the manuscript and materials submitted to us, the various stages of this process might be expedited or extended. 

Pre-Contract Manuscript Review

Before we engage in a publishing contract together, you submit your manuscript to us electronically in Microsoft Word format in a condition that is as "publication-ready" as you are able to make it.


We care about content. We are selective and aim to publish materials that are aligned with our core values in the faith. We also desire for our authors to have a fresh voice of revelation from the Lord, not an echo of existing teachings and doctrines of man. We do not feel the need to agree on every doctrinal point but look for the heart of God in the message and author.

We review your manuscript for content BEFORE entering into a publishing agreement with you. At the same time, we conduct an editorial review to assess your manuscript's readiness for the production process. We may respond to you with questions or suggestions to assess our compatibility. We prayerfully determine if it is God's will for us to move forward together.

Agreement & Engagement Fee

We require a one-time, non-refundable, $1,500 USD engagement fee to cover the expenses of producing your book, including basic editing and proofreading. ​Should your manuscript require additional services such as developmental editing before it is production-ready, we will quote you a price for these additional services. ​We also recommend adding Copyright Service to protect your book from plagiarism. 

Editing & Message Expression 

Next, you work with our editors to polish your document for typos, grammar issues, communication points, etc. We may also suggest some rearranging of content for improved delivery of God's message in your book. Our primary focus is on clearly and accurately presenting what the Lord is communicating through your book.

Cover Design & Interior Formatting

You work with one of our graphic designers to create a book cover design that will draw people to your book. Your book will be assigned International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in each format and will be priced to sell.  


You also work with our team to select the appropriate interior formatting, fonts, and design for your book, including formatting any charts, tables, or images in the body of your title. 

Once you have approved the final interior and cover files, we submit the documents to the printers for book production. We proof the files on your behalf for print-readiness.

Distribution & Author Copies

​Your paperback book will be listed on and Amazon’s international partner sites. Your e-Book will be available on Amazon Kindle. Your book will be listed in Ingram's catalog which is used by major bookstores all over the world. Your book will be listed in our Bookstore. If there is high and wide enough demand for your title, it may be selected for larger distribution channels, including major bookstores. Even so, most of the books you sell will be to people who know you or have been impacted through your personal ministry. 

You may order unlimited author copies of your titles from us at lower than wholesale prices. Then, you can sell, give away, or market your book however the Lord leads you.

Pay Day

You will receive royalties from us on a quarterly basis on the 15th day of January, April, July, and October. You receive a quarterly report detailing your royalty income from print and e-book editions through our various distributors. You receive 80% of the net revenues we receive for your title. The math looks like this: Retail Price – (printing cost + distributor portion) = Net Revenues x 80% = yours!

Get Started!

We hope this has helped you to understand the phases of producing and publishing a book for the glory of God. If you are ready to begin the process, click below to fill out the New Author Questionnaire. We will start praying for you right away and look forward to reading what God is writing through you!


Transfer & Legacy Titles

Are you are looking to transfer your published work to a new publisher?

Are you the steward of titles by authors who have already gone home to be with the Lord?

If so, we will review your titles to assess whether they are eligible for transfer. If they are, we can work with you to transfer the titles to Manifest Publications to ensure that the works remain in production.


Fill out the New Author Questionnaire and select the Transfer or Legacy Title option. Someone will get back to you to discuss your objectives and how we might be able to help.

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