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Free Study Guide

This course will give you Biblical revelation of God’s sovereign ownership of all world resources. You will learn how to seek, believe, and receive from God everything you need for fulfilling His plan and purpose for your life and how to walk in His abundance.

In this course, you will learn:

  • God's orginal design of multiplication and abundance for all mankind, and how mankind lost it  

  • Biblical pictures of how God has provided for His covenant people and how Jesus restores us to God's abundance

  • How God owns and sovereignly controls all world resources  

  • How the systems of Babylon (this world) differ from the way of Jesus 

  • How to seek God's Kingdom to receive all that you need

  • What Jesus taught about money

  • God's way of childlike dependence and outpoured generosity

  • Matters concerning money and ministry, including how to discern false teachers and support God's genuine laborers

Join participants from all over the world! 

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These courses are offered free of charge because of generous contributions from people like you.

Thank you!!

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