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Pathways to Our Destiny in God, Restoring the Wounded Soul, Paperback

By Jill Shannon


Our soul is our most precious possession. What would a man give for his soul? Do we need to intentionally nurture our soul and protect it from harm and defilement? Can a broken soul be fully restored?


The pathways of our soul are a vast network of voluntary choices. The Lord has given us freewill, but not every path will lead to the desired outcome. How do we guard our paths?

In this compassionate analysis of these troubled times, Jill shares about the wounds of abuse, deceptively-marketed opioids, sexual predation, and cruel injustices that seem to go unpunished. Many have been led away from their original calling and have been diverted to destructive paths. There is healing for victims of abuse. Knowing the depths of the Lord’s covenantal love and determination, our futures will be restored and aligned with God’s original purposes.


The Lord is a loving Shepherd. His leadership is perfect, and He will lead us into paths of righteousness. He will restore our souls! The Lord has predestined us to be conformed to the full maturity of our Messiah (Rom.8:28-30, Eph.4:13-14).


The Lord is weaving a glorious destiny for each of our lives, before time began. We are His workmanship. When His tapestry is complete, we will know the joy of having run our race well, in the completion of His purposes for our priceless soul.


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Pathways to Our Destiny in God, Paperback

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