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This course is designed to provoke you to a deeper walk with Christ and function as a living demonstration of God's love and power through Jesus Christ. You will learn how to walk in the obedience of faith and the whole counsel of God. You will become skilled in the word of righteousness and functioning from the power of the Holy Spirit. You will learn what is to come in the days ahead and your place of service in the Body of Christ.

Each Unit of this course digs deeply into a specific element of spiritual maturity and Christlikeness. Each Class contains various readings and spiritual exercises to help you KNOW the Word of God and DO what it says through practical application. Each Unit also offers Key Questions and a Group Exercise for churches, home groups, or gatherings of believers who are taking the course together.


  • Unit One: Open Ears to Obey 
  • Unit Two: The Whole Counsel of God
  • Unit Three: Divine Nature
  • Unit Four: Skilled in Righteousness
  • Unit Five: Kingdom Gospel with  Signs Following
  • Unit Six: Discernment of Good and Evil
  • Unit Seven: Ministry to Prepare the Bride


This Package Includes:

  • 5 Perfection Paperbacks
  • 5 Mature Disciples & Love One Another Prayer Guides
  • 5 Apostolic Prayers & Benedictions Guides
  • 5 Prayers for Laborers & Work of Ministry Prayer Guides
  • 5 Prayers for Israel & the Jewish People Prayer Guides
  • 5 Established in Righteousness 11"x17" Posters
  • 5 Activation Cards Variety Packs







Perfection Small Group Package

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